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Water Industry Products

Click the image below for an interactive diagram of AWWA coating standards for water pipe.


Coal Tar Enamel (AWWA C203)

With nearly 100 years of proven corrosion protection, coal tar enamel is unequaled for long term performance. The coating is versatile enough to be used on pipe from 1/2″ up to 144″ diameters, as well as on any shape fitting or special. The coating is comprised of an adhesive primer, a layer of hot enamel, fiberglass inner wrap, a second layer of hot enamel, a felt outer wrap, and a final wrap of kraft paper or white wash.

Hot Tar Application to 62" Pipe

Cement Mortar Lining (AWWA C205)

Cement and sand mixture is centrifugally placed to the interior of the spinning pipe. The mortar is evenly distributed to produce a smooth, dense finish of uniform thickness. Cement mortar lining can be applied to pipe sizes 4″ thru 36″ diameter. All sizes of fittings can be lined by hand application.

6" Cement Mortar Line Pipe (per AWWA C205)

Hand Wrap Tape (AWWA C209)

Hand wrap tape applications consist of cold-applied liquid adhesives and prefabricated tapes and their applications to special sections, connections, and fittings to be used for underground and underwater steel water pipelines protected with organic coatings, such as those described in AWWA C203, AWWA C210, AWWA C213, AWWA C214, AWWA C215, AWWA C225 AWWA C216.

96" spool and wrapped per AWWA C209 with Polyken® 930-50 inner layer, 954-15 outer layer, half lapped, for total of 80mils over AWWA C215

Epoxy Linings & Coatings (AWWA C210)

Spray applied epoxy coatings can be used in many environments, such as buried service, exposed, vaults, plant piping, and fabricated pipe spools. NSF-61 approved epoxy is used for lining pipe in contact with potable water. Epoxy linings can be applied in pipe sizes of 2″ thru 144″. External coatings can be applied to any pipe size. Mobile Pipe is approved by all of the major epoxy manufacturer’s such as Ameron/PPG, Carboline, Devoe, International, Tnemec, and Sherwin Williams.

Coating is applied to pipe with ends left bare for welding
36" Pipe with Epoxy Coating per AWWA C210

Polyethylene Tape Wrap (AWWA C214)

Machine applied tape coating to straight pipe for buried service. The multi-layer coating system is comprised of a butyl rubber adhesive, 20 mil polyethylene tape inner wrap, and one or two 30 mil polyethylene outer wraps. Can be applied to 2″ thru 144″ diameters.

50 mil Tape Wrap on 8" Pipe per AWWA C214
Application of cold applied tape on conveyor line. The system is composed of a primer, inner-wrap for corrosion control and outer-wrap for mechanical protection
36” pipe for City of San Diego

Above-Ground Coating Systems (AWWA C218)

Spray applied liquid coatings for corrosion protection and excellent UV resistance. Typical coating systems use zinc rich primers, epoxy intermediate coats, and aliphatic urethane finish coat. Urethane finish coat provides excellent color and gloss retention.

Above ground coating system on fabricated specials applied per AWWA C218

Polyurethane Linings & Coatings (AWWA C222)

100% solids aromatic urethane coatings for the internal and external protection of buried pipelines. Polyurethane coatings can be formulated for many different service conditions, such as for potable water, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance. We are approved applicators of the industry’s leading products, such as Carboline,LifeLast™ Coatings, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Chemline and Endura-Flex Products.

144" Elbow with Ring Girder - Lined & Coated with 100% Solids Polyurethane per AWWA C222
10" Diameter Pipe Spools - Lined and Coated with Polyurethane per AWWA C222
72" pipe - lined with NSF 61 Polyurethane per AWWA C222
Fabricated Spools - Polyurethane Lined and Coated per AWWA C222

Fused Polyethylene(AWWA C225)

Applied on a conveyor system that allows precise quality control. The coating consists of a primer, butyl rubber inner layer, and tough HDPE outer layer for mechanical protection.

Synergy™ coating system applied per AWWA C225 for East Bay Municipal Utility District stock pipe
Synergy™ applied over Powercrete® J per AWWA C225 for LADWP Stock Pipe