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Oil and Gas Industry Products

Gas Transmission and Distribution Applications

Synergy™ Coating


Thermally fused polyolefin coating for the protection of buried pipelines. Synergy™ is comprised of 10 mil butyl adhesive and 40 mil of high density polyolefin. The products are heat fused together to form a coating that yields very high adhesion to the steel substrate along with excellent protection from mechanical damage. Synergy™ can be applied to pipe sizes 2″ through 36″.

Abrasive blasting of steel pipe
Pipe pre-heat prior to coating application
Water quench of Synergy™ coated pipe
Finished product

Powercrete® Abrasion Resistant Coating


Powercrete® is an epoxy based product filled with a concrete aggregate that produces an extremely hard and slick surface. The result is a coating that can withstand the rigors of being pulled through a directional drill and maintain its corrosion resistance properties. Available as direct-to-metal coating (R-60) or as an overlay to fusion bonded epoxy (D.D.)

Powercrete® R-60 coated pipe: Pipe will be pulled through a directionally drilled bore under the Rio Grande River
Abrasion Resistant Coating for Horizontal Directional Drill: Powercrete® R-60 coated with Chemline 4200PW potable water Polyurethane lining
Powercrete® R-60 Lined with Duraplate UHS

Internal Flow Efficiency Lining

Epoxy lining to facilitate natural gas flow through transmission pipelines.

TGF-3 Coal Tar Enamel wrap


TGF-3 wrap has been used in the oil and gas industry for nearly 100 years, and is still a smart choice for long term protection. The coating is comprised of an adhesive primer, a layer of hot enamel, fiberglass inner wrap, a second layer of hot enamel, a felt outer wrap, and a final wrap of kraft paper or white wash. TGF-3 wrap can be applied to any size pipe or fitting, from 1/2″ through 144″.

Upstream Applications

Spray Applied Coatings for Aboveground Exposure


We are experienced in applying a wide range of specialty coatings for the oil and gas industry, such as: inorganic zinc primers, high temperature silicone coatings, 100% solids epoxy and polyurethane coatings, and many other coatings for aboveground service. Mobile Pipe has experience with all of the major epoxy manufacturer’s such as Ameron/PPG, Carboline, Devoe, International, Tnemec, and Sherwin Williams.

Inspection of inorganic zinc primer
Fabricated spool coated with epoxy urethane for above ground exposure

Midstream Applications

Aboveground Systems


  • ZEU
  • Epoxy/Urethane
Zinc epoxy urethane system for aboveground coating for energy producer

Internal Lining for Produced Water



OCTG Downhole Applications

Corrosion protection for downhole casing and tubing. Historically, corrosion control has been managed mainly through tubing material selection, plastic liners and powdered epoxies. Currently available powder epoxies and thermoset plastics, however, have temperature limits under 350°F. (Link to High Temperature Liquid Epoxies for OCTG) With recent advancements in liquid epoxies, end-users can now achieve protection at higher temperatures with better wear resistance due to increased lining thickness. This ultimately decreases the life-cycle cost of the tubular product and provides a more robust tubular lining for end-users. Mobile Pipe offers a holiday free lining system. The casing can be shipped to Mobile with the couplers bucked on or off.

API 5CT casing pipe 2 3/8" – 9 5/8"
9 5/8" Casing pipe lined with Denso® 453HTP
API 5CT 5 1/2" casing internally lined with coupler bucked on
Loose coupler showing the J-slot area coated with liquid epoxy